Consecutive weeks
w/o a late envelope
In memory of

"Magic Man"
Dick Wright,
Terry Bulkley
Jim "Ratsie"
There may be some questions regarding a double-hit. Here's a super slow-motion video of a double-hit that you may
find helpful in understanding the foul:   
click here
Please see the "News and Notes" page for updates.
Erwinna A
Terry Rhodes
Log Cabin A
Junior Berger
Erwinna B
Deb Watson
Log Cabin B
Tara Rumsey
Green Shingles A
Ray Corse
Log Cabin C
Mel Pecor
Green Shingles B
Josh Smith
Log Cabin D
Rose Rice
Green Shingles C
Josh King
Carey's Brew House A
Joe Carey
Main Grill A
Bob Clark
Carey's Brew House B
Ross Gwin
Main Grill B
Ed Gee
Village Inn A
Dave Owens
Main Grill C
Tim Hyde
Village Inn B
Larry Riesbeck
Country Pub II
Kevin Rice
Village Inn C
John Howe
Ramada A
Rod Ellis
Village Inn D
Jeremy Rice
Ramada B
Bill Staples
Village Inn E
Lynn Tucker
Corning Legion
Rick Stirpe
Team rosters should be posted by next week on the Stats Page. In the meantime, you
can figure out which teams are which by the teams/captains list below. Most teams
received a schedule (until my printer broke). If you didn't, a schedule is available
online. If you're reading this, you can find the schedule. Folders with your scoresheets
and envelopes are at every bar.